What's Happening

June 14
Flag day!

June 17


June 19
Last day of UPK
Thanks for a great year!


June 20
1/2 day for Amherst Central Schools


June 21-22
Sign up days for UPK and School Agers


June 21
First day of summer!!


June 21-29
CPG class is closed


June 25
Summer session begins


July 4
Happy 4th of July!
Center is closed


If your child will be turning 4 before 12/1/2018
have you turned in your Universal Pre-K paperwork
to the school district!!??
Spots may be limited so hurry!!



Creative Play Group is a wonderful drop in care program
available to 3 & 4 year olds!
Call for more information!!









Anne Marie
Parent of children ages 4 and 2

Leaving your child at day care for the first time is never easy. The loving teachers at ACCCCC made this potentially hard experience better through their care, concern and patience. My son has loved coming to school each day. He started there as a baby and will be in UPK next year. ACCCCC has met all our needs, from full-time to part-time. Thanks for his experiences there – he has such positive associations with school. You can’t put a concrete value on that – it’s priceless.

Diana & Ryan

We have enjoyed watching our kids grow up at ACCCCC. The kids look forward to school days and love their teachers and friends.

Our son enjoys being active and often talks about the fun times running on the track, playing on the playground and in the muscle room.

The infant room was a safe and loving environment for our daughter to grow and learn. She adores the toddler room now and we were so pleased with the special events such as beach week and the Golden Elmo Awards.

John & JoAnne
Parents of children ages 4, 1 and 1

Our family switched to ACCCCC a little over three years ago, when our oldest son was an infant, and we’re very happy we made the switch. We have been very pleased with the care the center provides as well as the enrichment activities. The staff members are very gentle and kind and are genuinely concerned about our three children. Our friends and family constantly comment at how amazed they are by our oldest son’s vocabulary and his social skills. I feel that interacting with his peers and the wonderful staff at ACCCCC has helped him grow and learn so much.

Overall, the center has a warm and homey feel. The indoor muscle rooms are a great way for the children to burn off some energy, especially on the cold and rainy days we experience in WNY. Another fun inside activity is the music class that is conducted at the center. Our son comes home singing some of the new songs he has learned and shows us some of his dance moves. When it is nice outside, our oldest gets to play on the playground, go for walks (during the walks the children discuss what they see (i.e., butterflies, flowers, etc.)), or enjoy water/sprinkler fun. During the summer months, our son has enjoyed going on field trips with his classmates.

Our three children enjoy the special events that occur throughout the year (i.e., Week of the Young Child, center-wide Thanksgiving lunch, Flag Day parade, etc.). Our family enjoys attending the family fun events hosted by the center (i.e., Summer BBQ, Fall Festival, Winter Party, and the Spring Party). It has allowed us to meet some of the other parents and see our son interact with his classmates.