Two-Year Olds


Two-year olds are beginning to understand routines and transitions, yet still need their teachers to give them direction. Our children are beginning to feel comfortable playing with friends, waiting turns, and not always being the center of attention.

The children are still learning social skills such as taking turns, using words to get their desires and needs across, the idea of personal space, and employing some self control. The teachers help the children understand their feelings and the feelings of others. The children will begin to understand that their actions affect others (taking a toy away from my friend makes him sad, but I can make him feel better by giving it back or giving a hug).

The teachers develop activities to cover a wide variety of concepts from numbers, shapes, colors, and sounds. Some children will master some of these areas, and others will benefit from the exposure to them. In the two-year old room, we help the children gain a firm understanding of the numbers 1-5, colors, and basic shapes such as circle, square, and triangle. The teachers expose all of these areas and concepts through hands-on activities, play, stories, and songs.