Toddler Room


Providing an environment for
toddler care.

This room is always on the move. The toddler age is so exciting, challenging and busy. Our children are in constant discovery. Their need to have everything and to touch everything (including others!) is so strong that we need to begin the process of teaching personal space.

Toddlers often want to do things all by themselves and may even get upset when someone will not let them do it alone. The teachers in this room routinely will be found on the floor, interacting and watching the children as they involve themselves in movement and discovery. The environment is set for open-ended learning to allow each child to grow cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically, and always at his or her own pace.

Social learning is a strong element of the day, every day, all day long. We begin with the constant reminder of gentle touches. Toddlers are just beginning to realize cause and effect. They learn that they have the ability to get others’ attention, even though it may not be in appropriate ways. These are normal toddler behaviors; we expect it and work with the children, and their parents, to show our toddlers more appropriate interactions.

Each situation of the day affects each toddler’s emotional development. Having to share a toy or waiting for a cracker at snack time are just a few examples. Our teachers are trained to use these teachable moments and give our children words to their feelings, and give guidance to each child.

There is so much to discover, and toddlers want to do it all and right now! Some toddlers will go from one activity to the next. Each day is filled with new excitement and discovery for the toddler age.