Three-Year Olds


Our Three-Year Old Room is a busy place! Once a child is three, it is amazing how much they know and are capable of. They surprise us with the level of independence that they have mastered.

Threes want to show off the fact that they can do things on their own and that an adult did not have to assist them in any way. In the three-year old room, we expect a certain level of independence. The children no longer are carried, they dress and undress by themselves, begin to serve themselves for snack and lunch, and pick up their toys. They have mastered many social skills although they may still need gentle reminders. They love the fact that they have friends and want to spend every moment with their friends.

Cognitive skills are skyrocketing with the threes. The children question everything. They want to know why, why, and why some more. Then they need to repeat what they have learned and tell everyone over and over. The activities our teacher plans will be kept simple and hands-on. Some basic concepts will begin to be introduced. Real/make believe, opposites, and numbers 1-10 are mastered (names of numbers, how many equals that number). Letter names, shapes, colors, and sounds are also taught. The teacher will continue to expose the children to various areas such as animals, insects, community helpers, and basic time (days of the week, seasons, and morning vs. afternoon vs. evening). Each child will develop these concepts over the course of the year, keeping in mind that learning is sequential and exposure and hands-on learning that has meaning to a child is ever so important.